Caring for Face Pain and Sleep Apnea
Rich Hirschinger, DDS, MBA
Diplomate American Board of Orofacial Pain
9615 Brighton Way, Suite 323
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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gentle jaw passive stretching device

Dr. Hirschinger is the inventor of the gentle jaw®, which is a patented passive jaw stretching device used to treat acute and chronic jaw pain. Most patients that see Dr. Hirschinger for what they think is "TMJ," which stands for temporomandibular joint, are experiencing muscle pain in their jaw. This is usually due to excessive occlusion, which is a fancy way of saying patients are contracting the muscles of the jaw too much from clenching, grinding, chewing gum, biting their nails, etc. The pain could also be from a recent dental appointment.

Dr. Hirschinger has found that many people have a good nighttime plan such as a hard nightguard, and maybe even muscle relaxers to take before bed but most people do not have any daytime plan, which is why he invented the gentle jaw. He calls it yoga for the jaw® since it is used for 30 seconds every couple of hours. The gentle jaw is available for the public to purchase at and on Amazon.

Dr. Hirschinger welcomes new patients at his private practice in Beverly Hills. He is the only Board certified orofacial pain specialist in Beverly Hills. He provides help with primary headaches such as migraine, head and neck jaw pain, head and neck muscle pain, TMJ, and snoring in sleep apnea. 



gentle jaw in use.


The kit includes a range of motion scale, and three sizes of the gentle jaw plus a carrying case.
It is used for 30 seconds every couple of hours to stretch the muscles that close the jaw.
Try it. All you have to lose is pain.