Caring for Face Pain and Sleep Apnea
Rich Hirschinger, DDS, MBA
Diplomate American Board of Orofacial Pain
9615 Brighton Way, Suite 323
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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A Tour of Dr. Hirschinger's Beverly Hills Orofacial Pain Office

One thing you will notice about Dr. Hirschinger's Beverly Hills Oral Facial Pain and Headache office is that it does not look like your typical dental office. There are no high speed drills and there is no suction since Dr. Hirschinger does not work on teeth. His orofacial residency at UCLA, where he is currently a lecturer and clinical instructor, proved that there is no relationship between chronic head and neck pain, and teeth. Some dentists, most of whom call themselves neuromuscular dentists, will try to convince you that you need to wear an oral appliance 24 hours a day for several months, which is designed to changed your bite.  Or that they want to adjust your teeth followed by a treatment plan that consists of an extensive number of crowns to treat TMJ issues or headaches but Dr. Hirschinger feels that is overly aggressive, and irreversible treatment. If a patient can be treated non-surgically using reversible procedures, shouldn't that be tried first? Once your teeth are adjusted, the amount of tooth structure removed cannot ever be added back.

The office treatment "chairs" are very comfortable massage tables, and there is plenty of room for patients to bring their significant other and/or family members or friends since most of the patient's Dr. Hirschinger treats have been suffering from chronic pain for many months and sometimes years. If you suffer from headaches such as migraines or cluster headaches, head and neck muscle pain, nerve pain such as trigeminal neuralgia or burning mouth, TMJ, TMD, or obstructive sleep apnea, give Dr. Rich Hirschinger a call at his Beverly Hills office or fill out the appointment request form today.

Reception Room 1

Reception area with coffee for patients, and a very cute magazine holder.

Reception Room 2

A comfortable couch, and if you look close, you will see the stainless steel door of the elevator right outside our front door.

Main Treatment Root

The main treatment area consists of a couch for patients, and a massage table as the treatment area. You will notice there is no dental drill since Dr. Hirschinger's training proves chronic head and neck pain is not related to the bite.

Treatment Area Close Up

This is a close up of the treatment area. You will notice that the treatment table is indeed a massage table! The 40" monitor is used to explain how your head and neck work, as well as to demonstrate procedures.

Main Treatment Room 2

Looking away from the windows in the main treatment area.

Second Treatment Room Lab

There is a second treatment room, which also houses the lab and sterilizer for the office.